Meet your Board

The Board consist of 4 officers and six (6) to twelve (12) elected directors.  The board may also include up to twelve (12) appointed directors.

The Officers are elected at the annual meeting and serve a 2-year term.  

The President and Treasurer shall be elected in odd years; the Vice-president and Secretary shall be elected in even years.

Elected Directors are elected at the annual meeting and serve a 1-year term.


Role Name Email
President Krista Threefoot [email protected]
Vice-President Laura Mettle [email protected]
Treasurer Barbara Russell [email protected]
Secretary Virginia Kirk [email protected]

Elected Directors

Role Name Email
Communications Vacant  
Community Liaison Vacant  
Education Vacant  
Environment  Madelyn Bloom [email protected]
Fundraising Renee Dubois [email protected]
Legislative Action Linda Wengel [email protected]
Membership Vacant  
Online Services Linda Frascarella [email protected]
Program Laura Mettle [email protected]
Publications Vacant  
Student Outreach Keriesha Brown  [email protected]
Voter Services Tyler McCurdy [email protected]