January 3, 2019

Re: Case No. ZB 11201

To Planning Board members:

The League of Women Voters of Howard County supports approval of the Enterprise Homes petition to amend the New Town District PDP to increase the number of approved dwelling units and density allowance. 

The League has been a long time supporter of adequate housing choice in Howard County within economic reach of persons of all ages as well as supporting increased diverse housing types. We recently adopted a position that assures that redevelopment of existing residential properties will not reduce the existing number of moderate and low income units.

Enterprise Homes plan to maintain the 300 low income units and add 300 market rate units fulfills that requirement and establishes new mixed income communities.  This concept also incentivizes  developers to invest in low and moderate income housing.

We urge you to support this amendment to the PDP to enable this project to move ahead.

The League of Women Voters adopts its positions after thorough study and consensus of its members.

Thank you for your consideration.


Howard County Council Bill 2-19:  The League of Women Voters of Howard County opposes  passage of Howard County bill number 2-19, the proposal to require Orphans’ Court judges to be attorneys.  We base our opposition on a League of Women Voters of Maryland’s 2010 position that supports selecting both attorneys and non attorneys as Orphans’ Court judges. 

The League of Women Voters of Maryland positions are adopted after studying the issues and arriving at a consensus of all the states local chapters.

Thank you for your consideration of our position.



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