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Historical Collection

National Elections

National Elections take place every even-numbered year.

Every four years the president, vice president, one-third of the Senate, and the entire House are up for election. The next presidential election will take place in 2024.

On even-numbered years when there isn't a presidential election, one-third of the Senate and the whole House are included in the election.

Who are we voting for in a National Election?

Executive Branch – President

Legislative Branch – Congress

  • U.S. Senate
    • 2 per state
    • each Senator serves a 6-year term
  • U.S. House of Representative
    • 435 total - proportionally representing the population of the 50 states
    • each House member serves a 2-year term
    • Maryland currently has 8 house members

State Elections

Maryland holds elections in even-numbered years following the federal election cycle.

Below is an image depicting the Legislative, Executive and Judicial Branches of our State Government.  For a more detailed explanation, click on the image, and visit the "Maryland at a Glance" website.