Who can join the LWV Howard County?

Membership is open to EVERYONE over the age of 16.  When you join the Howard County League, you automatically become a member of the LWV of Maryland and the LWV of the United States.

We encourage everyone to join as a member and contribute their time, talents, and enthusiasm.

  • Individual Membership $70
  • Student Membership $5

Membership means joining a long, proud tradition of serving our democracy

Historical Collection

The League is proud of its 100-year history of working to sustain and further our democracy for all by encouraging and enlisting others to actively participate in the democratic process. What better way to do that than by joining THE LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS!

Since 1920 the League has continued to work proudly to preserve the traditions of democracy.


Membership means an opportunity to...

  • Do more than vote to make democracy work
  • Make a difference in the affairs of our county, state, and nation
  • Use your personal skills and talents in important community service
  • Enjoy associating with other thinking, caring people

Membership brings the satisfaction of...

  • Knowing that you will be informed about issues that concern you
  • Knowing that your views on issues can be expressed and heard
  • Knowing that your organization can take effective action on issues
  • Sharpening your skills of leadership, networking, and public speaking
  • Using your volunteer time to the betterment of your community

Membership offers many benefits...

  • A voice in the direction of the League - our members contribute directly to our positions by participation in program planning and consensus
  • Discounted admission to LWVMD events
  • Opportunities to gain knowledge and experience through LWV leadership and advocacy activities
  • Email updates on current issues from LWVHoCo, LWVMD, and LWVUS.