The League of Women Voters of Howard County is a nonpartisan organization committed to improving local government by increasing awareness of local policy issues, advocating for good governance and voter rights, educating and engaging citizens, and promoting transparency in the legislative process.

We believe that citizenship requires both knowledge and the ability to act, that the responsibility for good government rests on the shoulders of its citizens, and that the rights of citizens at home and abroad are interdependent.

Our advocacy covers a range of issues that impact our community, including land use and zoning, social issues, environmental protection, and government processes. We strive to preserve what makes Howard County special and move forward in a way that maintains our unique personality.

The League believes in the power of our members’ voices, and our commitment to active participation is reflected in our decision-making structure. All our positions, priorities, and advocacy are guided by open discussion and member consensus.

From the national to local levels, the League of Women Voters adheres to the belief that diversity, equity, and inclusion are critical to our organization’s success and to democracy itself. Our mission depends on the full participation of all citizens, without exception.


The League of Women Voters...

Organized in 1920 as an outgrowth of the National American Woman's Suffrage Association, The League of Women Voters' original goal was to educate women in the exercise of their newly won right to vote.  Over the years, both its mission and its membership have expanded to include men and women who wish to do more than vote in order to shape public policy and to preserve democracy. The League is a non-partisan, political membership organization which acts, after study and agreement

Historical Collection

Our Local League of Women Voters...

The Howard County League was established in 1946. It played a key role in the formative years of the new town of Columbia, was active in the establishment of charter government in Howard County.  The Howard County League continues to contribute to community life by participating in activities on behalf of vital county issues such as budget, economic development, jury selection, ethics, municipal incorporation criteria, childcare, education, housing, transportation, land use, planning and zoning.


The League is open to anyone 16 or older and is a great way to get involved in your community. We welcome new members at all levels of involvement: Board Directors, Committee Members, People to help plan events, or to help advertise and promote the work we’re doing. Get involved today!

LWV is an organization fully committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in principle and in practice. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are central to the organization’s current and future success in engaging all individuals, households, communities, and policy makers in creating a more perfect democracy.