Dear League Members,

This beautiful weather we have been enjoying should inspire and energize everyone to come out and participate in the many League events coming up. They will all be covered in this Voter and if you need more information, just access the web site – Even I, as an “old schooler”, am getting comfortable with all of our current methods of communicating. I still prefer paper copies but find myself going to this magic machine more and more.

We have conducted three High School Voter Registrations with 60 students responding to the opportunity to register at Long Reach. (Two still to be completed as I write this letter). Those who just registered will have their opportunity to vote in the 2018 elections for the first time. Do you remember the first time you voted?

Ask your neighbors and friends if they understand Medicare for All verses Single Payer and if they are like many people who don’t, invite them to our October Unit Meetings. This topic is something all of us need to understand to help us make good decisions about our health care and costs. Units in October will be on the 18th and 19th. Please mark your
calendars now.

Your Co-Presidents will be attending the LWVNCA (League of Women Voters National Capitol Area) Presidents Brunch to meet the LWVUS Board and other area Presidents. This is an annual event and a great opportunity to “hob nob” with the National Board
Members and Staff.

Barbara and I also attended the Constitutional Day Program at the University of Maryland Carey School of Law in Baltimore. The speaker discussed The Fourth Amendment and Electronic Surveillance.

Barbara will testify before the County Council concerning CB74-2017 about the Citizens Election Fund and the issue of government transparency and good government. LWV HC is supporting CB74-2017.

All of you receive the Report From State Circle (RSC) when the General Assembly is in session (January/April). RSC is sent out every two weeks while they are in session. Reporters are needed to cover League positions. You can perform this interesting job
primarily from your home. Reporters scan the list of bills introduced in the General Assembly on the web site every three or four days and summarize those in your subject area. Your write-ups are emailed to the editor. There will be training. If anyone is interested in becoming a reporter, contact [email protected]

Your Co-Presidents,

Betsy Singer & Barbara Russell

Alicia Jones


Experienced leader and advocate for social equity among women and minorities