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Congratulations! You have made a wise decision to invest in our Democracy! We are excited that you've chosen to join us!. 

Individual Membership is $70.00 per year.

If you wish to add a second member of your household, you will need to enroll that person on the "Add One Household Member" page. 

If you are a Life Member or a Student at an accredited institute between the ages of 16 and 30, please visit the appropriate page to enroll. 



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Linda Adcox-Kimmel
Renee DuBois
Mary Rogers
Virginia Kirk
Cheryle Wharton
Michelle Rice Trotter
Mary Espenshade
Ellen Flynn Giles
Betsy Grater
Courtney Watson
Krista Threefoot
Betsy Singer
Sharonlee Vogel
Sandra French
Carole Graves
Becca Niburg
Roy Appletree
Patricia Buonaguro-Laidig
Renate Soulen
Roni Berkowitz
Shari Glenn
Linda Wengel
Roxanne Hughes-Wheatland
Kerry Greer
Lori Wells-Green
Tyler McCurdy
Lucie Geinzer
Sandra Levy
Susannah Rose
Colleen Cotton