2022 Maryland Gubernatorial Election

Most of us are familiar with the Presidential elections that happen every 4 years.  But, we hold elections every 2 years and have an election coming up in November, 2022.  In Maryland this is referred to as the "Gubernatorial" election because we will be voting for a new Governor of our state.  You will also hear this election referred to as a mid-term election because the election occurs at the half way point of the President's term.




U.S. Senate

Maryland has 2 people serving in the U.S. Senate.  These officials serve 6-year terms and their terms expire at different times.

You will be voting to fill 1 of these positions, currently filled by Chris Van Hollan (D)

U.S House of Representatives

Maryland has 8 people serving in the  U.S. House of Representatives, organized by district.

These officials serve 2-year terms.

You will be voting to fill this positions, for your district.


At the state level you will be filling several "executive office" positions:

  • Governor
  • Lieutenant Governor
  • Attorney General
  • Comptroller

You will also be electing

  • Maryland State Senators
  • Maryland House of Representatives

and.. filling court positions and weighing in on state ballot initiatives.

Howard County

At the local level you will be voting for:

Board of Education

In addition you will be filling positions such as

  • The Register of wills
  • Sheriff
  • State's attorney

In addition there are "Court' positions

  • circuit court clerk
  • circuit court judges
  • orphans' court judges