Election 2020

The Deadline for Requesting An Absentee Ballot is October 20th! Early Voting Begins on October 26th. 





A note from County Executive Calvin Ball:


Unlike the 2020 Primary Election, ballots will NOT be automatically mailed. Anyone registered to vote in Maryland can vote by mail-in ballot. All you have to do is submit a request for a ballot, and The Board of Elections will send one to you. 

After you vote your ballot, you must return it to the Howard County Board of Elections office by mail, by dropping it in a drop-off box, or by taking it Directly to the Howard County Board of Elections office. You can mail your voted ballot or take it to your local election office at any time. A list of the designated drop off locations will be included with your ballot. If you request a mail-in ballot and decide to vote in person, you will have to vote a provisional ballot. 

How do I ask for a mail-in ballot?

· Completing the form online at https://voterservices. elections.maryland.gov/ onlinemailinrequest; or

· Text VBM (English) or VPC (Spanish) to 777-88. You will receive a text message with a link to request your mail-in ballot online; or

· Fill out this paper form and get it to your local election office before the deadline.

How soon should you request your ballot?  

Submit your request right now! If you wait, there is a risk that the Board of Elections may be overwhelmed by last-minute requests and may not be able to process your request on time. If that were to happen, you might have to vote in person. 

For more information, please contact the Howard County Board of Elections Vote-by-Mail Ballot Services at (410) 313-5820 or email hocoboeabsenteeservices@ gmail.com

Make sure your vote counts. 

Calvin Ball

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