Committees are an excellent way to stay involved in the League and have a major say in how to update current programs, execute proposed projects, and suggest new initiatives, without taking up a lot of your time.

Committees meet once every other month (with very few exceptions) in order to discuss how the League and better function in certain areas. Beyond that, you can get as involved as you like. If you want to work on the projects your committee proposes, we will not stop you. We might throw you a party, though.

You are free to join as many committees as you like.

  • Membership
    Discuss opportunities and approaches for recruitment, how to retain our current members, and how to introduce and engage new members.

  • Action
    Get involved with researching and writing testimony, follow key issues in the county, or look for new ways to advocate for League causes.

  • Environment
    Work on new ways League members can directly help and advocate for the environment and develop or promote education opportunities for citizens.

  • Voter Service
    Help us make stronger forums, videos, and new materials; register voters; educate citizens on the candidates and the election process; and reach more county residents with key information about voting.

  • Program Study
    Lead or participate in a local study of county practices, or help supplement materials from the State and National programs by recommending articles, books, or videos on study topics.

  • Fundraising
    Help develop new drives or events to support League activities, or work on organizing the Capitol Steps event for the fall of 2014.

  • Citizen Service
    Look for gaps in knowledge of civics and design and create materials to fill the gap. Help us determine what citizens both need and want to know about their government.

  • Community Engagement
    Work on ways to encourage participation at the community level, running for Village Board, joining non-profit boards, participating in community groups throughout the county so that citizens are more connected at a local level.

  • Communications
    Help the League better connect with its current membership and reach the community as whole by looking for opportunities to expand or improve our communications network.

  • Budget
    Meets once every year in February to analyze the previous year’s budget, review the expectations for the coming year, and propose a balanced budget for the membership to vote on at the Annual Meeting in April.

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