Board of Directors

Executive Officers

  • Co-President - Betsy Grater
  • Co-President - Beth Hufnagel
  • Vice President - Thea Jones
  • Secretary - Virginia Kirk
  • Treasurer - Barbara Russell

Board of Directors

  • Director of Action & Advocacy – Linda Wengel
    Oversees action at a local level, and monitors and reviews action at the state and national level. Writes and testifies on county and state legislation local to Howard County before the relevant elected representatives.

  • Director of Internal Communication – Krista Threefoot
    Responsible for the monthly preparation of the League’s newsletter and other mailings to members.

  • Director of External Communication - Patricia Laidig
    Responsible for external communication with the press and general public.

  • Director of Education – Pat Gordon
    Oversees action and reporting on Education at a local level, and monitors and reviews action at the state and national level. Develops resources for HCPSS students on civics. Coordinates with other education organizations in the county.

  • Director of Environment – Betsy Singer
    Oversees action on the Environment at a local level, and monitors and reviews action at the state and national level. Develops forums and other resources for members and the public on environmental issues facing the county, and coordinates with other environmental organizations in the county.

  • Director of Fundraising – Michelle Rice Trotter 

  • Director of Membership – Roxanne Hughes-Wheatland and Cheryle Wharton
    Oversees membership recruitment and retention efforts and maintains databases of active and inactive members. Holds orientations for new members, and participates in the development of social and educational events for members.

  • Director of Program – Thea Jones
    Provides expertise to President, Board, and Study Chairs on National, State, NCA, and local program. Coordinates and organizes Unit Meetings for members on program positions with help from item chairs.

  • Director of Voter Service – Alice Giles
    Organizes candidate forums, voter's guides, and other projects related to informing voters during election years.

  • Off-Board Director of LWVNCA (National Capital Area) – Andrea Morris Gruhl
    Oversees the action of the LWVNCA on behalf of Howard County and helps develop new programs and events. Communicates with the Board and membership on their decisions, programs, and events.

  • Roster Manager - Shari Glenn

  • Webmaster – Alice Giles
    The Webmaster is responsible for the maintenance of the LWV Website and works with Communications and the Executive Board on Social Media strategy and integration.

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